Culture Trail

In each year, the Office of the Arts Administrator will organize CU Culture Trail. Participants visit many picturesque spots and cultural facilities on campus.

Led by our CU Culture Trail tour guides, participants will visit many places and attractions, such as Weiyuan Lake, Chung Chi Tang, Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, The University Mall, Art Museum, Gate of Wisdom, The Beacon, New Asia Concourse, The Statue of Confucius, The Water Tower (nickname: the Gentleman Tower), Pavilion of Harmony, The Cascade, The Water Tower (nickname: the Lady Tower), The Sculpture Garden, College Sign and Mural, etc.

Dates of CU Culture Trail are as follow:

Below dates are Saturday
28/9、5/10、26/10、2/11 及 23/11

11/1、18/1、8/2、15/2、29/2、7/3 及 21/3

Sat), 6/10 (Sat), 13/10 (Sat), 3/11 (Sat) and 10/11 (Sat)

Language: Cantonese
Limited Quota on a first-come-first-served basis
Deadline for registration is 3 weeks before the guided tour begins
Open to public

If you have any enquiries regarding extra CU Culture Trail, please do not hesitate to contact us.

3943 7528 /

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